seminars at the Makin Use exhibition at Warsaw’s MoMA
presenters: Sebastian Cicochki, Joanna Figiel, Michał Kozłowski, Zofia Płoska, Tomasz Rakowski, Kuba Szreder
dates: 13.01-01.05.2016 (every second Wednesday)
venue: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, ul. Pańska 3

The team of the Free/Slow University of Warsaw invites to a new series of seminars accompanying the exhibition "Making Use: Life in Postartistic Times" about Readings for Art Users. With reference to the legacy of flying universities, F/SUW organizes a series of self-educational meetings for users of art. Readings' participants will assemble a theoretical toolkit, which will enable them to operate freely within a vocabulary and concepts crucial for understanding the role and position of art in the contemporary world.

Seminars will refer directly to the exhibitions organized simultaneously at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (Making Use, Why We Have Wars, Bread and Roses), grounding theoretical reflection in the most recent curatorial and artistic developments. The cycle will serve as a discursive platform, taking on such questions as: What is the use value of art? Is art purposeless? What does making use mean in such a context? Are we living in postartistic times? Does an avantgardistic dream of fusing art with life remain an unreachable horizon? Can art facilitate radical changes in society and everyday life? What is artistic competence? How does this extend to other domains of life? What kind of plausible art worlds are there? What is the value of institutions sustaining artistic autonomy? Is the art world capable, and under which conditions, to empower disenfranchised communities? What brings together DIY enthusiasts with hackers? What kind of work is being conducted by users of social media?

One of the main texts to resurface over the course of several seminars will be Towards a Lexicon of Usership, by Canadian philosopher Stephen Wright. This work is to be juxtaposed with canonical texts (Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx, Friedrich Schiller) and contemporary positions (Howard Becker, Hakim Bey, Claire Bishop, Yann Moulier Boutang, Peter Bürger, Guy Debord, Hal Foster, Miwon Kwon, Lucy Lippard, Jerzy Ludwiński, Jacques Rancière, McKenzie Wark).

Seminar’s program:

Readings for Art Users #1: On the Uses of Uselessness Read more: +here

Readings for Art Users #2: how to live in postartistic times? Read more: +here

Readings for Art Users #3: The Other Art and Knowledge: How to Cooperate with Outsiders?
Read more: +here

Readings for Art Users #4: The Ethnographic Turn in Contemporary Art: How to Follow the Social?
Read more: +here

Readings for Art Users #5: Art, Class, Revolution. From Guy Debord to Andrea Fraser. Read more: +here

Readings for Art Users #6: Diogenes, Duchamp and Rejection (of Art, Work and Others) Read more: +here

Readings for Art Users #7: Art and Social Evil Read more: +here